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How Zola marries modern registries and compassionate customer service with Zendesk

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If you’ve recently purchased a gift for a wedding, chances are you used Zola, a wedding company that is reinventing the wedding planning and registry experience. Since launching in 2013, over half a million couples have used Zola, and more than $15M in gifts are added to Zola registries every week.

To maintain their commitment to compassionate customer service while rapidly growing, Zola relies on the Zendesk suite of products, including Support for email, Talk for phone support, Chat for live chat and Guide for self-service. Join Rachel Livingston, Director of Operations at Zola, and Emily Vince, Product Marketing Manager at Zendesk, to learn how Zola:

● Offers fast, personal support to millions of couples and guests across multiple channels
● Onboard new agents and rolls out real-time channels
● Optimizes their omnichannel operations with custom reporting and analytics

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Rachel Livingstonphoto

Rachel Livingston

Rachel Livingston is Director of Operations at Zola, where she develops long-term strategies and short-term plans to meet operational KPIs at the fast-growing start-up.