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How Fossil Group runs its support operations like clockwork

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As your business grows, customers will engage your support team in higher volume and with more complex inquiries – that’s a good thing! In the wake of needing to keep up, your operations may be bogged down with inefficient workflows and bandaid-type solutions that aren’t built to scale, preventing you from keeping up with customers’ expectations.

Join Rachel Palad, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Zendesk, and Zac Garcia, Global Customer Experience Operations Manager at Fossil Group as they dive into strategies for scaling your support operations to run like clockwork. In this webinar, you will learn how to:

● Optimize your workflows to drive greater efficiency
● Tap into automation and AI to resolve tickets faster
● Connect and manage relevant tools and data all within a single platform

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Rachel Paladphoto

Rachel Palad

Rachel Palad is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Zendesk Support focused on helping enterprises tap into the flexibility and extensibility of Zendesk to deliver the best customer experiences at scale.

Zac Garciaphoto

Zac Garcia

Zac Garcia is passionate about creating the best possible experience for the customer. He leads in digital initiatives to enhance the guest experience at Fossil Group worldwide, along with day-to-day operations in communication, analytics, and everything Zendesk.