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Level up your customer service: Benchmarks for small businesses - Europe

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Do you know the benchmark standards for optimal customer support?

With data collected from 45,000 Zendesk customers in over 140 countries, we’ve identified the benchmarks for delivering best-in-class customer support, and how omnichannel customers consistently beat the industry standards.

Join Zendesk experts Cheryl Neoh, Senior Product Marketing Manager, SMB and Carson Adler, SMB Customer Experience Team Lead as they detail the findings & insights from our latest benchmark data. We have identified what separates top performers and outlined how to scale your customer service efforts over the next 12 months.

This 30-minute webinar will cover:
● How fast-growing SMBs set themselves apart
● Benchmarks for CSAT, first reply times, first resolution times, and requester wait time during business hours
● Data on customer expectations and trends

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Cheryl is the lead product marketer at Zendesk who focuses on small businesses. She loves helping SMBs do more with less and identifying best practices for them along the way.

Carson Adlerphoto

Carson Adler

Carson's an experienced SaaS professional spanning SMB and Enterprise Accounts. As the Manager of Customer Experience, he leads a team of individuals who help educate our SMB customers on best practices in leveraging Zendesk.