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Improving support by moving from email to Zendesk


Meet BuiltLean, a fitness blog turned small business which focuses on weight loss and health programs. Initially, investing in a customer support solution seemed like overkill; after all, they were only fielding a handful of customer inquiries each day. They knew, however, that handling these inquiries via email was not a scalable solution, and wanted to put a solution in place that would prevent support questions from falling through the cracks as they grew.

What CEO and Founder, Marc Perry, needed was a solution that allowed simple scalability at an affordable price to ease the “growing pains” of a small business. When Marc found Zendesk’s support solution, he realized it was just what the doctor ordered.

Zendesk as a solution

It turns out that BuiltLean implemented Zendesk just in time – their volume of support inquiries spiked as a result of an increase in website traffic and engagement; in fact, their site grew from 100,000 visitors each month in December of 2011, and now gets over 500,000 visitors per month, from over 190 countries. And, Zendesk’s customer support interface is remarkably simple – which was exactly what the BuiltLean support team of three needed in order to handle their influx of more than 200 tickets per month. When Marc started using the interface himself, he found Zendesk’s simplicity to be unmatched: “The amount of time I spend answering questions and handling tickets is one of the metrics I follow most closely. I used to spend several hours per day handling all customer support before setting up Zendesk and now I only need to spend between 10-30 minutes. Without Zendesk, the fast growing number of inquiries would have been difficult, if not impossible to manage…no matter how small your business, it’s never too soon to start using Zendesk.”

BuiltLean delivers a premium level of service to their end users using Zendesk’s:

  • Macros: Macros allow BuiltLean to quickly and easily answer frequently asked questions, and nested macros make it easy to find the response they need fast – which means a faster resolution for their end users.
  • Triggers: With such high traffic levels, and such a large volume of basic questions, BuiltLean uses triggers to automatically send out email responses to those fitness inquiries, directing end users to their forums or Facebook page for more information. This approach shaves hours off their response times, and allows BuiltLean to focus on higher priority inquiries.
  • Forums: BuiltLean reduces their support request volume by creating articles for the questions that are most frequently asked, allowing end users to quickly find answers themselves and easily discover related content
  • SLA Service Targets: In order to ensure that BuiltLean addresses the most pressing issues immediately, they use SLA Service Targets, enabling them to provide measured and predictable service.


Here is what BuiltLean is able to achieve using Zendesk:

  • Average Time Saved 2-3 hours per day
  • First-touch resolution rate: Increased from 78% to 85%
  • Average ticket resolution time: 8-10 hours

“We use Zendesk to communicate with everyone – customers, business partners, even advertisers, and it’s made a huge difference in my confidence for managing all of our support. I know that we’re managing all of our communication efficiently and seamlessly, and I can rest assured that nothing is falling through the cracks,” Marc Perry, BuiltLean Founder and CEO said.


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