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How to engage employees and clients

CoreMedia is a leading provider of Web Content Management software to organisations demanding engaging, context-driven online experiences for their customers regardless of channel or touchpoint.

Established in 1996, CoreMedia is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with offices in San Francisco, London and Singapore. CoreMedia’s clients include global brands, such as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Bertelsmann, BILD, CLAAS, Daimler, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung, Singapore Press Holdings and T-Mobile.

The company earned the position of ‘Visionary’ in the 2011 Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Out-of-the-box solution

When CoreMedia’s Support Manager Björn Bauer spotted a blog entry about Zendesk on ReadWriteWeb in 2008, it was good timing. The limitations of CoreMedia’s previous ticket management solution were becoming clear and the company was looking for an alternative.

Bauer decided to assess Zendesk along with several other help desk solutions and soon realised that Zendesk’s cloud-based software was exactly what CoreMedia needed. As he explains, “The charm of Zendesk is that it is an out-of-the-box solution. It was easy to set up the free trial and we could quickly see that it matched our requirements.”

CoreMedia was, in fact, one of Zendesk’s first customers when it started using the software for internal IT help desk support and external customer support in August 2008. The integration took a matter of minutes, according to Bauer. “We simply went online, entered the name of our help desk, pointed our email to it, logged on and we were up and running.”

Whole company view

From the get go, Zendesk has offered CoreMedia all the functionality that its team of support professionals needs to successfully manage customer enquiries. Dealing with complex content management systems for brands in a number of sectors, it is not always possible for the CoreMedia agents to answer customer enquiries from a single set of FAQs. Instead, they needed a state-of-the-art ticket management solution that would be flexible, stable and cost-efficient.

“One of the advantages of Zendesk’s SaaS solution is that the costs can be kept low,” explains Bauer. “Not only could we test it for free, but we haven’t had to involve any software developers or buy any new hardware in order for it to work. We simply added a few custom fields, created some business rules, with the help of macros and automations, and migrated our old tickets into the new system.”

As well as the five members of the front-line support team and the 45 developers who provide second-level support for technical enquiries, 160+ other CoreMedia employees have access to the Zendesk system.

“We wanted to have a whole company view of customer care,” comments Bauer. “It’s really easy to do that with Zendesk’s Enterprise Plan because we can have an unlimited number of free internal-only agents.”

Building personal relationships

Since 2008, Zendesk has helped CoreMedia to live by its customer care mantra: ‘Providing our clients with the support they need – quickly and thoroughly.’

The support team’s main Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is the speed at which tickets are handled. As Bauer points out, “Zendesk has great functionality and is extremely stable. We can now deal with incoming requests from our customers much faster than before.”

“On top of this, Zendesk’s social features have enabled members of our support team to build more personal relationships with our customers and it’s good to have the option to add other features like Twitter integration in the future.”

“Our help desk process is now quick and transparent and our customers, partners and staff are very happy with it,” adds Bauer.

CoreMedia’s use of Zendesk was an important factor in the company receiving a prestigious ‘Best in Cloud’ award in October 2011. One of Germany’s leading IT magazines, COMPUTERWOCHE, named Zendesk the winner in the ‘Software as a Service – Private Cloud’ category, ahead of Pervasive, Brainloop AG, MATERNA GmbH and Wassermann AG.