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Integrating with Ifbyphone to find the right customer service voice


For Elance, the leading platform for online employment, the challenge was not finding or implementing the right business solutions. They were already using Zendesk for customer service and integrated with Ifbyphone, their call center solution provider. For Elance, it was about driving a process of constant improvement and change that pushed their team to be better and raised the bar of service within their organization.

Zendesk + Ifbyphone as solutions

Elance uses the Zendesk and Ifbyphone integration to support their customers who call in from all over the world. But these customer support tools are more of an afterthought for Elance, because they work so seamlessly in the background. “Our focus is on finding and delivering our voice. Our support agents are the voice of the customers internally, as well as the voice of our company to our customers,” Elance’s Senior Customer Operations Manager Susanne Kim said.

Here’s how Elance uses the Zendesk and Ifbyphone integration to deliver a unified voice and service to their customers worldwide:

  • QA customer calls: The support agents and managers go back and listen to recorded customer calls to see where they can improve the service experience.
  • Evaluate and strategize: Elance evaluates time to answer, call times and SLAs to measure support productivity. They work together to see what has been done well and what can be improved.
  • Find the right voice: How Elance messages to their customers is really important. They listen to the recorded calls for: Are we clear and unified in our responses? Does the agent speak with a friendly, natural cadence? Are we finding the best ways to communicate with our customers? Are we closing the call properly?


Here’s what Elance has achieved using Zendesk and Ifbyphone:

  • 35% increase in their customer satisfaction rating over the past year
  • Decreased first response time by 20% in the first year of using Zendesk
  • Increased average ticket resolution time by 19%

While Elance’s support workflow, process and even best practices are forever changing, their customer service philosophy remains the same. To deliver on their above average customer satisfaction rating, Kim and her support team work by this motto: “It’s your 50th interaction for the day, but it’s the customer’s first.”



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