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Robust forums help customers help themselves


Originally India’s first home shopping channel, HomeShop18 has grown exponentially to become one of the country’s largest ecommerce websites. Delivering excellent customer service is an integral part of its ongoing success and so in 2011, when it decided to upgrade its website, HomeShop18 recognised a clear requirement for a centralised system to handle help and customer support queries. With a 500 strong call centre team serving a monthly customer base of more than 4.5 million, HomeShop18 wanted to introduce an online customer support centre that would help alleviate call volumes for its telephone team while also reducing costs. Furthermore, the transition from its old self-designed windows-based system needed to be simple, seamless and smooth. Zendesk met all elements of this brief.

Zendesk as a solution

Zendesk has helped HomeShop18 reduce its turnaround time for customer queries, provide a centralised user-friendly and easy-to-use system for customer care agents, and instantly route specific types of tickets to the appropriate team members. In particular, HomeShop18 uses Zendesk as an online customer service portal which helps it to:

  • Achieve significant time savings by quickly diverting customer queries from the telephone call centre to the online customer service centre, enabling customers to find answers to FAQs themselves
  • Monitor social media mentions and respond accordingly, especially with regards to brand mentions on Twitter
  • Analyse and optimise customer interactions on these forums using Zendesk’s data and analytics functionality
  • Create a platform for promotion and service centre location updates, and product feature announcements
  • Support the high volume of contests, promotions and events HomeShop18 runs via its TV channel and on its website by providing the interface through which winners, prizes and new promotions are announced
  • Index its web pages through Google
  • Results

    Here’s what HomeShop18 is able to achieve using Zendesk:

    • Average time saving per call of 140 seconds
    • With an average of 500 customer calls per day being diverted to Zendesk, the daily average cost saving is estimated at 1,500 Indian Rupee (28 USD)

    “Since we introduced Zendesk we have streamlined the way we manage our customer service. This has helped us to remove manual processes, saving us time, and enabling our agents to focus in other areas. The data and analytics provide us with a deeper insight into our performance and as a business that helps us to be much more informed about where we are now and where we want to be in the future.” Piyush Bhargav, General Manager, Product Management & Marketing