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Using Zendesk to address a rapidly evolving marketplace


Parkmobile is the worldwide leader in mobile payment technology having implemented their solutions in over 320 locations in the United States and throughout the world since 2000. In the last several years a dramatic shift has occurred in how Parkmobile’s customers utilize their services.

Until 2010, more than 90% of our customers accessed the Parkmobile system via an interactive voice response system (IVR) or help desk. As of 2012, over 75% of their customers are now using one of Parkmobile’s native mobile applications or mobile web on their smart phone to interact with Parkmobile. Coupled with the change in technology, Parkmobile has experienced dramatic growth in customers and transactions and it soon became obvious that they could no longer rely on email as the main solution for handling support requests.

Zendesk as a solution

Upon implementation, Parkmobile recognized how powerful and customizable Zendesk was and began to transform their support in the following ways:

  • Mobile help center: Because their customers need instant, real-time support, their first point of contact is Parkmobile’s mobile help center—a customer portal filled with FAQs fully optimized for mobile devices.
  • Native mobile apps for agents: Parkmobile agents rotate support duty shifts after hours to provide on-call support when necessary. They use Zendesk native mobile apps to receive push notifications and answer tickets remotely in real-time.
  • Agent-facing knowledge base: To help customers find the answers they’re looking for, Parkmobile’s agents can easily search the agent-facing knowledge base without leaving the ticket they’re working on.
  • Multi-channel support: When customers cannot find what they need in the help center, they can quickly contact support through the in-app contact form, email, Web, feedback tab, chat or Twitter.
  • Macros for speedy responses: To support customers as close to real time as possible, Parkmobile’s agents speed up response and resolution times with macros (aka pre-defined responses) to answer frequently asked support questions.
  • Issue tracking: To garner more insights and foresights, Parkmobile tracks problems and associated incidents and see where customers and what regions are affected. This visibility has helped the team to react quicker and more professionally.


Within the last 30 days alone, 5,663 knowledge base searches were conducted on Parkmobile’s support site with only 87 of those resulting in tickets. The customers can find the information for themselves via the mobile portal and knowledge base. In this case, having 5,576 fewer support tickets per month is just one of the ways Parkmobile is saving time and money, significantly improving agent performance and enhancing customers’ satisfaction.

Additionally, With Zendesk, Parkmobile has:

  • Dramatically improved support ticket resolution times and renewed its focus on customers
  • Provided a solid process for their support agents with tools and documentation all in one place–changing the way the team worked
  • Provided customers with a quick and easy, customer-friendly self-service solution for standard questions which previously had resulted in multiple email exchanges

“Zendesk gave us the ability to improve our support performance and deliver consistent results. It changed our business–keeping us where we wanted to be in terms of response and resolution times,” Parkmobile’s manager of member services said.



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