Instant Support Access With the Feedback Tab

Today we introduce the Feedback Tab (formerly Zendesk dropbox). It allows you to put a tab on your website and harvest support requests, feedback, enquiries etc. directly to your Zendesk help desk. The main idea is that you want to provide your web site visitors and customers with an easy and instantaneous way of asking for help or submit their feedback, but also want to ensure proper internal processes to deal with the inquiries.

The Feedback Tab can of course be configured and customized in a number of ways, but just as Zendesk it works out of the box.

  • Andrew

    This is nice but it needs more customization ability – there should be a setting to put the tab left or right. It doesn't work for me on the left

  • Kate

    I love this feature but would also like increased customization. Allowing the user to choose between question, feedback, idea or bug/issue would be great as well as some control over the dropbox's color would be stellar.

    Great work!

  • Jack

    Is there a way I can embed this form on my page, so that users don't have to click the tab and deal with a pop-up?

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  • max morris

    drop bax icons apear on both pcs and android. tying to sync with ipad. and cannot sync.
    hsv tried tor reinstall but keep getting abort eror messages. bottom line cant sync with ipad

  • jeffcarroll


  • Dave

    Can I post here without logging in first?

  • Nur

     I was given code for integrating the tab into their website but not instructions of where the zendesk dropbox code needs to be inserted or how. I placed the code in the header but that didn’t work. Any help?

  • Ash

    Specific positioning of the drop box tab would be great, rather than just left or right.

  • Sam Hudson

    the customization of this tool is really really poor. I run an ecommerce site, our customer dont need ‘support’ they need ‘help’. i would really like to be able to change the language of ALL text, and ALL colours, otherwise my customers will be confused. Also removing the tab and including the popup in our menu system wasnt straight forward enough. This is an EXCELLENT tool, but it needs a LOT more effort put into it for it to be successful.

  • Andries

    Is it possible to search FAQ instantly using Enterprise per brand? 
    Like user voice FAQ flow?