Welcome Zopim

We’re excited to announce that we have acquired the award-winning web app company Zopim! Zopim is easy-to-use, live chat software that we are thrilled to add to our family of products. The entire Zopim team in Singapore has joined Zendesk.

We acquired Zopim to accelerate our chat functionality and to bring our users a beautifully simple product they can use to engage their customers in real-time. Zopim has a great track record of providing tools for proactive customer experiences to customers worldwide. They offer both free and paid plans for customers, and have focused on making their product intuitive, transparent, and fun.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Zopim team and culture attracted us to the company as much as their product. They continued to laugh at our jokes even after the deal got signed, so it seems like the feeling is mutual.

What does this mean for the product integration between Zendesk and Zopim?
Our combined engineering team is busy working on a new Zopim app that embeds the chat agent experience in Zendesk. We expect the first iteration of this new app to be available in May, after which there will be a steady stream of improvements.

Will Zendesk customers get Zopim?
All Zendesk plans will include the Zopim Lite plan when the new integration is launched in May.

What does this mean for Zendesk chat?
Customers using Zendesk chat will be able to continue to do so. However, we believe that Zopim is a far superior product. It has a customizable widget and extensive feature set that we don’t have, so our future development efforts will be re-focused to Zopim. We’d like to invite customers to give Zopim a try.

We’ll continue to update you on the exciting things we’re planning, so stay tuned.

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  • http://www.cazoomi.com/ Clint Wilson

    Awesome as our Asia teams love this App:)


  • Saiful Suherman

    This is such great news for my company. We utilize Zendesk, and just recently (2 months ago) purchased a few Zopim licenses. Hooray!

  • Stan

    interesting acquisition – still not sure why you would use Zopim over LivePerson, particularly if you’re going to go for the paid version

  • http://www.zendesk.com/ Zengage Editor

    Hi Stan,

    Thanks for taking a look at our recent announcement! You are right about how there are a lot of great chat solutions out there, and we offer pre-built integrations with many of them.

    We encourage our customers to always integrate their preferred tools with Zendesk. Zopim is certainly just one option for our customers. We wanted Zopim to be a part of the Zendesk family because of their product and culture fit. Together, we hope to offer our customers a stronger core chat offering.

  • Fernando

    Does this mean that development on the current Zendesk chat has now stopped?

  • http://www.zendesk.com/ Zengage Editor

    Hey Fernando,

    Great to hear from you! Good question.
    We will continue to support the current feature set within Zendesk
    Chat. Zopim Chat will bring to our customers a brand new chat experience
    that includes features like proactive chat, visitor monitoring, and
    agent-to-agent chat. We’re really excited about this and will soon be
    able to give you a peek into the new Zopim Chat soon!

  • http://www.AGSoundtrax.com/ Adi Goldstein

    Amazing !

  • Nicholas Schneider

    Is there an update on this? Its May 1 and we are anxiously awaiting the release of the new integration to take advantage of the awesome translatory service zopim offers.

  • http://www.zendesk.com/ Zengage Editor

    Hi Nicholas,
    We are making great progress on the new integration and can’t wait to release it to our customers. It’ll be ready by end of this May! Be on the look out from an email from us.

  • Nicholas Schneider

    Ahhh…end of May =/

    We cant wait! Whats the address we should send coffee and red bull to for your developers???

  • http://Telepharm.com Marc Young

    I am interested to know more of the details about the integration. we use zopim today to chat with users and our agents open tickets in zedesk from the information in chat. zendesk provides a knowledgebase but users do not use chat or any direct zendesk feature ( i.e. they don’t login into zendesk). We are going to start using some APIs in zendesk but my question is will the integration mean that zendesk incoporates zopim and we would need to look at APIs just with zendesk for chat for Zopim will fade away as a separate API?

  • http://www.zendesk.com/ Zengage Editor

    Hi Marc,

    Great to hear you’re using both Zopim and Zendesk today. Our team is going to send you an email with some information about our private beta :) In regards to your question, we are certainly preserving the Zopim API. In fact, we have plans to make enhancements to it, so stay tuned!

  • http://agworks.net Andy

    I would like to be on a beta if you have one available?

  • ofik

    we are actual zopim and zendesk customers. does this means will get a better price by having it all in one?


  • Claire

    Hi Guys, is there a way we can see a demo of how it would work with Zopim? We were just in the process of getting Zendesk Chat on our site but it makes sense to wait till Zopim is up and running at the end of May? Thanks!

  • http://www.zendesk.com/ Zengage Editor

    Hey Andy, thanks for your interest! You’ll get an email soon with some information :)

  • http://www.zendesk.com/ Zengage Editor

    Hey Claire, thanks for your interest in Zopim Chat! I’m going to have Kristian, your account manager, send you some information. Hang tight.

  • http://www.zendesk.com/ Zengage Editor

    Hi there, currently, we’re not offering a bundled pricing package for Zopim Chat and Zendesk. You can purchase any Zopim paid plan along with any Zendesk plan.

  • Christa

    Any chance we can get in on the beta testing? :)

  • JessB

    How does this Zopim Lite compare to their current Basic and Advanced packages?

  • http://www.zendesk.com/ Zengage Editor

    Hi Jess, thanks for reaching out. You can find a chart comparing the two plans here: https://www.zopim.com/pricing

  • http://www.zendesk.com/ Zengage Editor

    Hey Christa, thanks for your interest! We’ll send you an email soon with some information :)

  • JessB

    Thanks. Does this announcement mean that each Zendesk account will get one lite Zopim account, or that each paid Zendesk agent will have a lite account?

  • http://www.zendesk.com/ Zengage Editor

    Each Zendesk account will include Zopim Lite, which comes with one agent license. To purchase additional Zopim Chat agent seats, you’ll want to upgrade to one of Zopim’s paid plans.