It all began in 2007 in beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark where our three founders, Mikkel Svane, Alexander Aghassipour, and Morten Primdahl, lived and worked.

Mikkel was working as a consultant charging companies large sums to install bulky, on-premise customer support software. The process was long, expensive and inaccessible for most businesses. That didn’t sit well with Mikkel.

He knew a Web-based solution would fix things, so he told Morten who loved the idea and wanted to help code it. They then recruited Alex to design it, and even convinced him to designate his small loft as their office on nights and weekends. The three toiled away, elbow to elbow (Did we mention it was a small loft?), to create the first iteration Zendesk--a name that narrowly edged out “Thank You Machine” (thankfully.)

Their first few customers loved it, so Mikkel quit his job, became Zendesk’s CEO (and first full-time employee) and hit the road to raise capital. They soon secured funding from Charles River Ventures and Zendesk moved to America in 2009.

Since moving to San Francisco, Zendesk has raised additional funding from Charles River Ventures, Benchmark Capital, and Matrix Partners, opened offices in Australia, England and Denmark, and now includes more than 250 employees. In 2011, we moved into a new and bigger office in the heart of the city.

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