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Zendesk APIs offer multiple methods of integrating and extending your Zendesk’s functionality. Use our API to easily manage your users, enhance your support team's productivity and create seamless integrations.

Visit our Developers site for our API v2, which includes our current REST API.

Other APIs, including deprecated versions:

Mail API

Handy for importing a backlog tickets from existing email systems and submitting tickets from other applications. A small amount of programming will provide your Zendesk with a large amount of kick!
Updating ticket properties from your inbox

Widgets (Javascript API)

(For Zendesk Classic only)
Useful for displaying external data onto your help desk and fostering lightweight communication between other servers in your organization and your Zendesk.
Developing Zendesk Widgets (PDF)

In the new version of Zendesk, you can create Apps. See Zendesk Apps Framework

Zendesk Remote Authentication

(Deprecated as of Apr. 2013)
Simple login for your users. Remote authentication allows you to authenticate Zendesk users on your own domain, rather than having them register and maintain a separate login and password in Zendesk.
Setting up single sign-on with Zendesk Remote Authentication (deprecated) (PDF)

Current version: Setting up single sign-on with JWT (JSON Web Token)


(Deprecated as of Nov. 2012)
Perfect for allowing developers to connect your Zendesk to custom plug-ins or larger third-party applications like Salesforce.
Zendesk REST API v1 (deprecated) (PDF)

Current version: Zendesk REST API v2