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The Zendesk Developer Platform is our not-so-secret weapon. It allows you to extend the functionality of Zendesk, so you can stretch and build in countless directions to meet the needs of your businesses. Its power comes from the ease and flexibility of use. But since it enables almost unlimited customization, its style comes from you.

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Bring support directly to your customers

There’s no reason for support to be stuck in the basement next to the extra bathroom supplies. Zendesk Embeddables give you the flexibility to bring support directly to your customers—whether that’s embedded on your website, in your mobile app, or a part of your service.

Embeddables are the magical combination of our Web Widget and Mobile SDKs that lets you embed Zendesk Support, Chat, and Guide natively on the web and within mobile applications.

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companies power support in their mobile app with our SDKs

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“The Mobile SDK has allowed us to provide quick answers through our Help Center. Also, we have more context about the users that request 1:1 support. It saves us a lot of time.”

– Josh Greenwald, Community Support Lead, Swiftkey

Zendesk apps

Make your support more appealing

Agents don’t want extra work. Support managers are never happy wasting resources. And customers hate repeating themselves. Eliminate all these problems by creating a single workspace for your agents, with all the information they need right at their fingertips.

Zendesk Apps enable organizations to customize Zendesk product interfaces and optimize workflow through powerful plug-ins. You can choose from 500+ pre-built apps in the Zendesk Apps Marketplace or build your own.

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Dollar Shave Club app view
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In-focus: Custom apps

The Dollar Shave Club used the Zendesk Apps Framework to give support agents visibility into their members’ subscription—while responding to their query in Support. Agents now have more context and information right at their fingertips, which helps them “shave” time and money.

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"At Slack, our Support team has grown 17x in the past 24 months. Zendesk Apps have helped us seamlessly integrate our tools to help us keep up with our growth.”

– Ali Rayl, Head of Customer Support, Slack


Let the data flow

Information about your customer doesn’t exist in any one place. Rather than keep it siloed, it’s better to let it flow—between Zendesk and the other tools you use.

With Zendesk APIs, you can build custom integrations and interact with Zendesk data using 400 different API endpoints. They are extensible and built on open standards.

In-focus: API integration

Coursera supports millions of users around the globe. To deal with that scale, it means getting smart with your approach. Using the API, Coursera evaluate each conversation from their learners and automatically route the query to the right team.

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API calls a day


API endpoints

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“We can pull in every piece of Zendesk data into our internal database—furthermore, we can slice and slice that data, and join it with internal data to create an extraordinarily vivid picture of the customer journey.”

– Jeremy Flanagan, Customer Ops Project Leads of Tools, Instacart

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