Elevate your e-commerce business

Zendesk makes running your online business easy with pre-built integrations that provide a smooth customer journey

Drive business growth

Enhance customer experiences

Boost agent productivity

Get set up quickly

Integrated apps create a seamless customer journey that keeps shoppers happy and drives sales.

Your Zendesk workspace has integrated applications that give agents everything they need to help customers.

Pre-built integrations are available right out of the box so you don’t have to waste time setting them up.

A hassle-free customer journey

Bring all of your important e-commerce apps together to build a seamless customer experience—from sign-on to delivery.

Sales support with Ada and Certainly

Use bots to suggest products and answer customer questions

Track orders with Narvar

Provide customers and agents with step-by-step order tracking

Process transactions with Shopify and Magento

Give agents a full view of all purchase and order details

Tab 1

Tab details

Tab 2

Tab details

Tab 3

Tab details

Treat every customer like a VIP

Integrations for Ada and Certainly act as a personal assistant to your shoppers. Bots can recommend the right products, share help center articles for known questions, and hand off more complex issues to agents with messaging.

Give your teams more power

Shopify and Magento make it easy for agents to see detailed order information. Use this knowledge to solve requests instantly from the Zendesk Agent Workspace.

Make post-purchase a breeze

Order tracking and returns are effortless with the Narvar integration. You can easily solve the most commonly asked question: Where is my order?

Success you can see

Spartan Race increases efficiency by 15%

Purple keeps customers comfortable

Shapermint sees a 75% resolution rate

Zendesk’s Narvar integration lets Purple easily connect with their site visitors. “This integration will allow our teams to better engage with our customers by having more visibility into each customer experience”.

Joe Megibow, CEO, Purple

Integrations for Ada and Shopify allowed Shapermint to solve many more “Where is my order?” inquiries, leading to 98% CSAT. “Our agents have more time to connect with customers to solve complex issue”.

Lorissa Ancheta, Customer Care Manager, Shapermint

Shopify and Narvar integrations allowed Spartan Race to solve over 19,000 requests per month. “We’re getting through tickets faster, and customers are happier because we’re able to respond more quickly”.

AJ Varney, Customer Service Director, Spartan Race

Level up your online business

Integrate all of your tools so you can do what matters most: keep customers happy