CloudSherpa is a company specialized in Digital Transformation that offers consultancy in Customer Service, ticketing and cloud integration. As an exclusive Zendesk Partner in Italy, CloudSherpa has all the certifications that guarantee competence and convenience to sell Zendesk solutions, support Zendesk application buyers and generally offer Digital Transformation consulting.

CloudSherpa: about us

Cloudsherpa is a company, based in the north of Italy, (Milan) specialized in Digital Transformation that offers consultancy in Customer Service, *ticketing *and cloud integration.

CloudSherpa supports companies in their digital evolution to optimize the management of their customers at all stages of operation, leveraging technology to make business processes more agile and dynamic, improve their effectiveness and expand their objectives even on a large scale.

CloudSherpa Business Areas

Customer Experience (Help Desk)

With an innovative approach we can improve your customer management processes. We don't just help you implement a successful help desk, we help you revolutionize the way you approach your customers by changing the old with the new. Goodbye phone calls, it's time for answer bots and omnichannel support.

Cloud Integrator (System integrator)

CloudSherpa is specialized in system integration: it allows cloud solutions such as Zendesk to interact with vertical third-party solutions already present in the company. The goal is to provide customers with an interconnected system to manage all operational activities of the company, digitizing their internal and external processes to increase efficiency and manage their functionality with simplicity.

IT Service (Ticketing)

Relying on the use of cloud-based ticketing software dedicated to ticket automation is the first step to saving time in managing workflows and improving the performance and satisfaction of your customers. Zendesk Support is the Zendesk ticketing software that CloudSherpa consultants recommend to their customers.

How we work

The CloudSherpa method is based on a direct approach that is customized to the needs of each client:

1. Business Analysis: through a 1to1 comparison with the client's operations, CloudSherpa's solution specialists analyze the company's internal processes and design the ideal platform for individual needs;

2. Setup: once the ideal platform is defined, CloudSherpa's operations experts provide the technical implementation and setup of the platform based on the ideas shared;

3. Coaching & Training: no anxiety of a new program to learn. CloudSherpa consultants through coaching and training hours will help you understand how to use Zendesk right away and with ease; The customer won't have to worry about having to manage a new technology, this will instead allow agents to focus more on their business for the customer;

4. Go Live & Support: once the training process has been completed, we move on to the Go Live of the project. However, CloudSherpa consulting doesn't end here, there are hours of post-project assistance and support in case there are bugs, forgetfulness of some processes, new needs after better understanding the various software.

**With CloudSherpa, Digital Transformation can be an easy and fast process thanks to turnkey solutions that can be implemented with simplicity and flexibility. **

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