Now you can combine remote support from LogMeIn Rescue and ticketing workflow from Zendesk to deliver fast, reliable support for PCs, Macs, and smartphones. Let your support team collaborate with customers in real time to quickly diagnose and resolve issues.

Support Solutions loves it

“For Support Solutions, LogMeIn Rescue for Zendesk seamlessly integrates two of the most important tools used by our business. This integration helps us diagnose and resolve issues faster and improves our customer satisfaction significantly. Additionally, having the LogMeIn Rescue session information within the Zendesk ticket allows us to easily identify those customers who needed a visual walk-through for their issues. In turn, we are able to offer targeted training in order to reduce the amount of future support requests.”

Alan Conroy, Managing Director


  • Boost agent productivity

    Increase first-call resolution rates and reduce handling times by allowing agents to access LogMeIn Rescue’s powerful remote diagnostic and remote control capabilities.

  • Satisfy customers completely

    LogMeIn Rescue for Zendesk lets your customers easily share their screens with your support team, quickly resolve issues and avoid downtime. Your customers will love you for it.

  • Leave no data behind

    Capture, track, escalate and communicate issues to both internal and external stakeholders. Document the full history of your support interactions for future reference, including session metadata such as timestamps and chat logs, as well as custom fields and survey results.