Case Study

      “Zendesk's Apps Marketplace is where I go to find solutions. Apps help us be more efficient and have significantly increased the productivity of our agents by enabling them to easily access the necessary information needed to resolve support tickets.”

      – Jeremy Flanagan, Technical Tools Lead
      Two apps we love:

      Zendesk apps come in many different flavors. We have everything from productivity and time tracking, to eCommerce and social media. They’re all designed to extend your Zendesk and make life easier for you and your agents.

      Build your own app

      If you don’t see it, just create it

      Using our API and apps framework you can build pretty much anything. And once you do, you can place it in the marketplace for all Zendesk customers to find. Or just keep it for yourself–whatever feels right.

      This far down and didn't click an app? C'mon!
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