Agent Scripting

Agent Scripting

Embed custom agent scripts in Zendesk. Great for call centers and live support.


The Agent Scripting App by Zingtree is extremely handy for companies that offer chat or telephone support, as it allows an agent to have a live, standardized script to follow. You can create your own custom scripts using the free tools at, and the Agent Scripting App makes them appear in Zendesk. Plus, you get handy reports on how your tree is being used in aggregate or by individual agents.


Zendesk Agent Scripting

How it Works

The Agent Scripting App appears in the right hand panel of Zendesk, like this:

Your agents read the prompts, and follow the script. The history of the Agent's interaction is automatically saved. The History shows the previous steps taken by the agent.

You also get some awesome reporting. One example:

More Agent Scripting Benefits:

  • Pause and Resume: If a ticket is reopened, the script will reappear in the same state as it was previously, with the history intact.
  • Agent Feedback: Clicking the orange chat bubble lets your agents submit comments, which are automatically sent to the authors of the tree. Your agents become a valuable part of improving your scripts.
  • Automatically Choose a Script based upon Brand, tags or a custom field: When a ticket is opened, the Zingtree Agent Scripting app locates a script associated with the content of a ticket. Extremely handy for call centers supporting multiple products.
  • Back & Reset: The Back button removes the last item from the History. The Reset button deletes the entire history, and returns to the top of the tree in case you need to start over.
  • Zendesk Tagging: Add a tag to any node using the Zingtree Edit Node tool. When that node is opened in Zendesk, the tag gets copied to the Zendesk tags for the current ticket.
  • Insert Custom Fields: Any custom fields in your Zendesk ticket can be merged into your script.
  • Customizable: Use a custom CSS file to override the default look and feel of your trees within Zendesk.
  • Valuable Reporting: Watch the step-by-step history of each agent interaction. See which Agents or which Nodes are taking the most time.
  • Automatic Agent Detection: The Zingtree Agent Scripting App automatically determines which agent started each session, so there's no customization needed for getting good agent-centric reporting. You can even insert the agent name into the script.

Try the Agent Scripting App free today!

First of all, you'll need to create a script using the free tools from (Or, you can also use a demo script if you want to try out the app.)

  1. Sign in to your Zendesk, then click the Admin icon in the sidebar.

  2. Select Apps, Browse, then find the Agent Scripting app and click the tile.

  3. On the Agent Scripting app page, click Install App in the upper-right corner.

  4. Enter the Tree ID of the Zingtree you want to display by default inside of Zendesk. If you'd like to use a demo script, enter 840560992.

  5. Enter height of the app in number of pixels. This lets you determine how much space you want the app to take in the right hand panel. Use 800 if you aren't sure.

  6. If you want the tree to display in Panels style, check Display in Panels style. Otherwise, the tree will display in Buttons style.

  7. Optional: To take advantage of having the Agent Scripting App choose a tree according to brand, ticket tags, or the value of a custom field, check Open script based upon Brand. Open script based upon Tags *, or a custom field ID under *Open script based upon Custom Field.. Then, enter your API Key located in Zingtree here, or at under Account, Organizations and Billing at the bottom of the page.

  8. Click Install when finished.

The Zingtree you selected will now appear in the right-hand side of Zendesk whenever a ticket screen is present.

Making Trees Trigger According to Zendesk brand, ticket tags or a custom field:

Using Zingtree’s Tree Tags, your App can select the tree that corresponds to the current brand, tags or a custom field in use on a Zendesk ticket. In Zingtree, go to the Settings tool for your tree, and add tags that match your Zendesk brand subdomain, ticket tags, or a custom field value.

Detailed instructions and live examples are here

App Details

  • Author: Zingtree
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version: 9.0C
  • This is an app. It will install
    right into your Zendesk
    Support account.

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