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Easily analyze messages from Zendesk email, chat, social, reviews, NPS surveys, etc

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Automatic Tagging

Get all your customer feedback in one place. No more manual tagging and reporting. Unlimited Trends dashboard users.

Chatdesk Trends does Automatic Tagging of customer feedback across Email, Chat, Social media messages, Product reviews, Amazon reviews, App Store reviews, NPS / CSAT Surveys (e.g. product feedback, sentiment, etc).

Leading brands like Gap, Everlane, BarkBox and more use Chatdesk for their Voice of Customer reporting. Companies use the solution to easily identify product defects and increase repeat sales.

Checkout the video to see how you can save time and drive more conversions by using Chatdesk.


Easily analyze your Zendesk:

  • Get granular insights. Top reasons for contact, Product defects, Shipping issues, Top reasons for returns and cancellation, Website / App bugs.

  • Drive business impact. Reduce contact volume, Improve self service, Increase website conversion, Product merchandising, Increase repeat sales, Powerful reporting for executives, Benchmarking trends over time.

  • Impact for our customers.

  • 10% Increase in conversion from website changes

  • 15%+ Reduction in customer contacts

  • 1000+ Hours saved per year from previous manual tagging & reporting.

Launch a FREE TRIAL in minutes:

  • No dev work or pre-work needed.
  • Unlimited Trends dashboard users.
  • 90%+ average tagging accuracy across 70+ tags.
  • Filter feedback by date, channel, product, sentiment.
  • Custom tags and filters that are specific to your business (e.g. product defects).
  • Search across all your messages and tickets.
  • Export data to CSV or your data warehouse.

Create a FREE account at www.chatdesk.com/trends

Have questions? Email info@chatdesk.com

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