Chatbot and live-agent integration

Integrated A.I. chatbot and live-agent platform.

Integrate your custom A.I. chatbot into Zendesk Chat with the help of ChatrHub's neural network technology.

With ChatrHub you can: 1. Build complex chatbots using a simple setup wizard or let ChatrHub build a professional chatbot for you! 2. Setup chatbots on websites, social media, and text messaging. 3. Get copied on all customer and A.I. conversations if the A.I. misinterprets the conversation. Interject a conversation if needed. 4. Setup one or more chatbots. Pay for only what you use. 5. Connect to your backend systems for automatic self-service and more!

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Setup Guide

Follow the below steps to setup a premium chatbot in Zendesk Chat:

  1. In ChatrHub: Create a free ChatrHub account at if you do not have one.
  2. In ChatrHub: After signing into your ChatrHub account, select from an extensive list of pre-designed chatbot templates, create your own bot in the assistants tab or have us create one for you by contacting us at
  3. In Zendesk: Go to the Zendesk Chat dashboard. Go to settings, select agents and then click the Add Agent button. This agent will represent your chatbot so choose a name that you and your customers can recognize. Use a unique email address that you have access to for this agent. Make sure you sign out of your Zendesk portal before continuing.
  4. In Zendesk: Login as the bot agent (the account you just created). Please make sure that the newly created agent has Chat service ENABLED and 'Online'.
  5. In Zendesk: In the Chat Dashboard, create an API Client on the following page: Settings > Account > API & SDKs then copy and paste the following into the redirect url field:
  6. In Zendesk: After creating the API Client, copy the Client ID, Client Secret, and Zendesk Subdomain for use in ChatrHub. If you are not sure what your Zendesk subdomain is, check this Zendesk article. Note: Zendesk subdomain is only applicable if you signed up on and not the old login page.
  7. In ChatrHub: Go to the settings tab in ChatrHub, click External Chats in the left hand menu, then select Zendesk in the dropdown menu. Paste the Client ID, Client Secret and Subdomain into the corresponding fields. Click on the bot link you would like to use in Zendesk. (You can use as many bots as you like. Repeat these steps for each bot you would like to add.)
  8. In ChatrHub: After selecting the bot link, the browser will take you to a Zendesk login. Sign into your Zendesk account as the agent you created in the 3rd step and accept the connection.
  9. Your Website: Test the chatbot on your website by installing the Zendesk widget and communicating with the bot.

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