Import user actions and properties from Mixpanel into your ticket & chat window


The official Mixpanel app for Zendesk.

Mixpanel is the most advanced analytics platform for mobile & web. It helps businesses understand user behavior by tracking actions people take in addition to page views.

Close tickets faster

Take the guesswork out of support - The Mixpanel App imports properties about your users tracked in Mixpanel right into your Zendesk ticket or chat window.

Increase customer empathy

See what actions users have taken before submitting their support request. By providing a comprehensive history of record, support teams can see what actions led to a customer pain point so you can prescribe the right solution to the right problem.

File better bugs and feature requests

Mixpanel’s default properties, there’s no need to ask for browser, app version, or device. File more accurate bugs for your engineering teams without having to ask the customer.

All your data in one place

Use the project picker so that support agents can view activity across all your Mixpanel projects.

Learn more about the Mixpanel App for Zendesk and for any questions contact us here.

After installing the app from the marketplace, support agents will need to securely authenticate into Mixpanel to be granted read-access to your data.

Completing installation

  • After installing the app in your Zendesk account, navigate to any ticket view to see the app.
  • Click “Connect to Mixpanel”. If you’re not yet logged in to Mixpanel, you will be asked to do so.
  • Reload your Zendesk ticket view. You should now see requester information from Mixpanel directly in Zendesk if the email address of the user exists in your Mixpanel projects.


  • In order to match requestors with Mixpanel profiles, email address must be captured in Mixpanel. Read more here.
  • Support agents should sign into Mixpanel with accounts that are members of the necessary projects in Mixpanel.
  • To learn how to get the most value from your Mixpanel app, be sure to track the actions your support agents find the most useful to understand customer behavior.

App Details

  • Author: Mixpanel
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Chat account.

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