Capture leads with slick forms and surveys—and sync them automatically to Sell

Typeform lets anyone easily create slick surveys, lead capture forms, and quizzes that invite more responses.

With the Typeform app for Sell, new typeform responses are automatically synced to Sell as contacts or leads.

Typeform's clean interface, customizable design, and one question per screen keep people engaged and keep completion rates high. Plus, you can personalize every conversation with simple logic, and segment your audience ready for your agents to follow-up.

Start every new relationship on the right foot with Typeform, then get the key info to the right people in Sell— quick as a flash.

To turn on the Typeform integration:

1.Login to your Typeform account

2.Select the form that you'd like to add the integration to and navigate to the Connecttab

3.Choose Zendesk Sell and click on the Connect button

4.Give your account a name and login using your Zendesk Sell credentials

5.Choose whether you'd like to create Contacts or Leads and whether your respondents are Individuals or Organizations

6.Map your typeform questions to Zendesk Sell fields

7.Click on Finish to complete the setup

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