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Enhance the efficiency and visibility of the sales support process.

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Easily capture sales opportunities that happen during a support conversation. CRM for Zendesk is designed specifically to work with Zendesk Support and enable you to build and manage sales pipelines. See what you can achieve with CRM and Deals:

  • Fetch sales opportunities directly from Zendesk Support tickets
  • Create custom sales pipelines with multiple stages
  • Create custom deal forms to collect all the necessary records
  • Link deals with specific products
  • Assign different statuses to CRM users
  • Forecast sales over specific time periods
  • Measure sales team performance
  • Keep track of all events (actions)

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Capture deals in a snap

As you’re working on a ticket and the sales opportunity shows itself, there’s no time for shuffling tabs. Click the Create deal button right in the ticket view to transfer the prospect’s name and company directly to CRM and Deals.

Capture sales data from support tickets

Build your own sales process

Customize pipelines to fit your unique sales process. Add as many sales stages to a pipeline and name them as you find necessary. You can also specify the probability of closing a deal for each stage or how long deals they stay idle in each stage before rotting (expiring).

Custom pipeline

Maintain control of each sales deal

Pipeline management is easier than ever with a simple drag-and-drop interface. And with the filtering option, you can quickly scan through the pipeline to understand where you’re standing with each deal. Use standard app filters or create custom ones. And here you can go as far as possible - filter your deals by assignee, status, or even lost reasons. Crm and deals interface

Gather all the necessary information

Add fields to deal forms that will help you gain the appropriate context on the sale. The form you will use to create a deal already has a few default fields which help capture the basic information. You’re free to add as many custom fields as necessary. We recommend keeping it simple, though.

Sales deals form in zendesk

Link deals with products

Create your company’s products and services to link them to each deal. Thus, you will get more insight into the value of each deal and a clearer understanding of how your sales work.

Sales products and their links

Build better relationships using user statuses

We bet you’ve already gathered thousands of contacts that you’ll be using in your sales process. ‘User status’ will give you a hand while trying to distinguish where each of them belongs in the customer lifecycle. There are 4 possible statuses to add: contact, lead, prospect, and customer. Distinguish between the users you have in your Zendesk and approach each in a personalized way.

User statuses in zendesk crm

Get sales forecasts

The default deal form has one handy field called the Expected closing date. With its help, you can plan your sales and get an overview of your performance. Switch to a Forecast mode to see deals you’re expecting to close each month.

Forecast mode for zendesk crm

Measure to improve sales

There are four types of reports you can use to analyze your performance. You can check the number of deals you got, how many opportunities you lost/ won, and the reasons why you lose deals.

On top of that, you can filter reports by:

  • Time - choose a custom date range and display the results daily, weekly, or monthly;
  • Pipeline - view altogether or a specific one;
  • Agent - analyze the performance of all agents or a specific one
  • Group - get the insights into the performance of a specific group of agents
  • Currency.

The reports are downloadable, so that you can keep track of all your performance results in neatly formed CSV files on your PC.

Sales performance measurement

Keep the track of all events

Get the full history of actions taken with your Deals and Lead profiles - see who and when ran a specific action and which CRM object was influenced.

Are you ready to align the efforts of your support and sales teams? Don’t hesitate and install CRM and Deals to capture and manage sales effectively right now!

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