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Control a Custom Field content through a configurable workflow

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Beyond Labs is a non-profit company based in Western Europe. We try to provide helpful softwares for Zendesk users. Advanced Workflow allows you to control the content of a Custom Field through a workflow:

  • Each Step of the workflow is a potential value of a Custom Field. These Steps can be linked to a Zendesk ticket status;
  • Transitions between Steps are named and used by agents on tickets to update the Custom Filed value;

Give more details to your customers about their tickets

With Advanced Workflow, agents can inform customers about detailed changes on their tickets (like a sub-status). Since it's a Custom Field, it can be used with Triggers, Automation, in Zendesk Guide, ...

About this apps

We are really interested by your feedbacks, needs and questions in order to improve this app ! So, don't hesitate to drop us a mail at beyond.apps.labs@gmail.com 😉

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