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Import categories, sections, articles and comments into Zendesk Guide.

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This app makes importing and exporting Zendesk Guide Help Center easy than ever. A simple and intuitive visual interface guides you through the process and allows you to view, edit, sort and filter data safely before importing a single record. The following content types are supported:

  • Categories (up to 500 per import)

  • Sections (up to 500 per import)

  • Articles (up to 1000 per import)

  • Article comments (up to 1000 per import)

1. Create

Get started by creating rows in the app using the interactive, editable table.

  • Add rows manually

  • Import many rows instantly from a CSV file

  • Import many rows from any Zendesk subdomain with a public knowledge base

  • Edit fields directly within the table

  • Select and update rows in bulk (perfect for assigning categories or sections)

  • Receive immediate visual feedback if a field value is invalid

  • Add, remove and reorder columns

  • Select and clone rows in bulk

  • Select and delete rows in bulk

2. Review

Once you have populated the table with your data, you can review it before starting the actual import.

  • Sort the table by any column

  • Filter the table by keyword, against one or more columns

  • Filter the table to show only invalid rows

  • Export rows to a CSV file for your records

3. Import

Finally, if you're satisfied that the data is complete and accurate, you can import all rows with the click of a button.

A progress indicator will guide you through the import itself and when the import has finished you can download a completion report which contains all rows and columns, status information and (where appropriate) the newly created record IDs.

Please note:

  • Article attachments are not imported, only content.

  • Link and image references within article content are not modified in any way.

  • As a result of the point above, article links and inline images should be reviewed after the import.

  • Help Center content is imported into your primary subdomain or brand. A future release will allow you to specify which brand to import content into.

More detailed instructions are available, which include an overview of how to create CSV files for use with the app. Finally, if you’re interested in making your content look as good as possible, consider using one of our beautiful and customizable themes for Zendesk Guide.

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