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Pass extra CRM data of visitors from Adobe BC sites to Zendesk user profiles

Zendesk enriched with extra data about visitors from Adobe BC CRM becomes much more interesting for all sites based on Adobe Business Catalyst platform. You can see not only visitor’s name and email in Zendesk dashboard, but also their phone, device class, company, website, birthdate, rating, and industry. Not enough information on the profile? Simply click on the direct link to the customer in Adobe BC CRM for their full profile. All this can be done using Adobe BC Zendesk Integration app. You can configure what information will be passed from any of your sites built with Adobe Business Catalyst to Zendesk ticket via this integration.

It is even possible to set powerful Zendesk active triggers, using these extra CRM data.

For example:

  • Set priority if visitor is "wholesaler"
  • Assign the same group as visitor’s industry

Any of these values can be passed through the hidden fields as well. You can even combine data from different fields from Adobe BC CRM to a single field in Zendesk.

First, you have to purchase the app in your Adobe BC Partner account by visiting the link here. Then please follow the "instructions" tab of the app to help you get started. Setup required simply adding one line of code to your pages or templates.

Once setup, you will see the Zendesk app in your apps list. Follow the app instruction and configure the settings for mapping which CRM data fields must be passed to Zendesk dashboard.

For more details, you can see the following video:

App Details

  • Author: Alexey Gorin
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
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