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Connect your helpdesk to Cisco Contact Center for a unified agent desktop

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Available to all customers on a Zendesk Suite plan or Customers with Support + Talk Partner Edition - Learn more at https://www.zendesk.com/pricing

Keeping your customers satisfied isn't always simple. Remove the complexity that multiple service applications present your Cisco Contact Center agents with a lightweight, reliable integration solution from Bucher + Suter.

b+s Connects for Cisco Contact Center gives Zendesk agents the contact center functions they need to deliver outstanding customer experiences and snappy ticket resolution from within the Zendesk agent desktop. Features include:

  • Screen-pop and contact match
  • Integrated call controls
  • Real-time team status
  • Transfer to- and consult with- other team members
  • Dedicated supervisor view with team overview and remote state-change

With b+s Connects for Cisco Contact Center, you can demonstrate to your customers how much you value them with fast, efficient, and effective contact center service.

Key Features in more detail

  • Screen-pop and contact match – When an interaction arrives, you want your agent brought up to speed in record time. With screen-pop and contact match, the arrival of the customer interaction and the customer's record appear on the agent's desktop simultaneously. Offering the agent immediate access to the context they need facilitates smooth communication and speedy ticket resolution. It's a win-win for the customer and the contact center.

  • Integrated call controls – Tabbing through applications on the desktop takes time. When you're talking about 1 agent with 1 interaction, it may just be a few seconds. But multiply that through the number of agents in the contact center and the number of interactions they're each dealing with, and the numbers soon stack up. Efficiency takes a hit, and so does the contact centers bottom-line. With integrated call controls, your agents have 1 less app to deal with, and can spend more time serving up the kind of service that will set your company apart.

  • Real-time team status, consult, and transfer – It's unlikely that your agents will be able to deal with 100% of your customers' problems, 100% alone, 100% of the time. Reinforcements may be required, and when they are, you want your staff to have visibility over who they can loop in and a quick way to do it. Thankfully, with b+s Connects, help is but a click (or 2) away.

  • Dedicated supervisor view – Supervisors: your team captains, your lieutenants, your sous-chefs. Whichever analogy works best for your contact center, one thing's for sure is that your supervisors need the best tools to manage your contact center teams at an operational level. With the b+s Connects supervisor view, supervisors have oversight of the contact center floor and the ability to listen in, help out, or intervene when it's required.

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