CloudSET Tailoring

CloudSET Tailoring

Globally extend or restrict - ticketing and people configuration

CloudSET Tailoring App supports a range of modifications that fundamentally extends or restrict core ticketing, and user/orgs functionality, at the global level. It provides an foundation layer on top of Zendesk native base for the other CloudSET Apps, or alone in it's own right.

Note: most the following capabilities can only be applied to the Zendesk agent or, where applicable to the Zendesk Help Centre where Zendesk Apps can be run. Support for Zendesk Mobile Devices or Zendesk Widgets is not architecturally possible.

The three core system fields for Status, Priority, and Type, can be effectively replaced by custom equivalents, beyond just renaming, to extending the concepts. An important aspect of this is to sync/map these custom concepts with the true Zendesk system fields. This ensures that little richness of Zendesk functionality is lost.

Selected ticket, user, and organization fields can be hidden completely, or hidden when empty. These capabilities can be used where processes take care of using these as control fields, but benefit from being hidden from users because they provide no direct obvious benefit to the user, indeed, they remove clutter.

Ticket custom fields are powerful, but lack the richness of detecting changes to custom field values that system values do. Basic support for detecting a change is supported by means of tagging. This can form an important aspect of implementing more complex workflows.

Whilst only Zendesk Enterprise Plans provide agent roles, these are orientated towards feature permission levels to support administration delegation, they can’t directly be used as conditions for workflow processes. CloudSET Roles, provides a way to define roles that can assigned set’s of Groups for Agents or Organisations for End-users. This enables other CloudSET Apps the ability to leverage roles to support more complex workflow processes.

Note: The CloudSET Conditionality App is available for free on all sandbox accounts to enable evaluation and ongoing testing.

The CloudSET Framework is included on all accounts. This provides a hub for all CloudSET purchased Apps, with access to Help Center integration services, and billing management.

Note: The CloudSET Framework, and in particular the configuration tools require API access to your Zendesk, via Zendesk's secure OAuth mechanism, which can be revoked at any time from the Owners account security setting.

The following guidelines are provided to help you proceed with purchase and implementing this App:

Note: Installation on a Zendesk sandbox is very similar, although billing details will not be collected as the App is provided free of charge.

  • After completing the Zendesk App Marketplace purchase, which includes a Free 30 day trial, we recommend that you accept the native app configuration settings defaults. Use the Inline Manual provided with the CloudSET Framework to learn more about the settings available.
  • Select the the CloudSET Tailoring icon on the left-hand navigation highlighted by Zendesk tool tip. This will expose an embed CloudSET Framework, which will start Zendesk secure OAuth authentication, based on the currently logged in admin user.
  • This authentication can be revoked at any time by that admin user using user account security settings. This is needed to enable the configuration tool to read and write app configuration data to the Tailoring App installed on Zendesk.
  • Once completed, a billing details screen will be presented to capture invoicing address details. Invoice history and records can be thereafter accessed and downloaded.
  • Navigate the CloudSET Framework navigation to the Conditionality configuration to start to define global level enhancement’s to Zendesk.
  • Integration with the Zendesk Help Center can be achieved by navigating to the CloudSET Framework Help Center section, where a one-time deployment snippet code generator is provided with detailed install instructions. Where a SSL mapped domains(s) and branding is in place, a tool is provided to let us map these into CloudSET.
  • If Zendesk security Restricted IP has been set-up, details of can be obtained from the CloudSET Framework Zendesk(s) tab, together with Forget Token method to support changing admin user account.

Note: If other CloudSET App are subsequently purchased, neither the OAuth Authentication, billing, nor Help Center integration steps are required as these a centrally managed with the one CloudSET Account which is automatically created on the first app purchase and install.

App Details

  • Author: Coherence Design Ltd
  • Price: Free 30-day trial, then $4.00 per agent, per month
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.3.7
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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