Automate your customer service business process with our Interaction Boards

Improve customer SAT, NPS, and first contact resolution every time!

Over the years, companies have deployed combinations of chatbots, email analytics, and agent desktop workflows to open new paths for engagement and conversation. However, Quick-fix customer experience solutions deliver an impersonal brand experience that often results in unhappy customers. With BlueLeap, you can orchestrate all components of your CX stack within one application and get them working together in real-time delivering a game-changing experience.

Use our drag and drop interaction board to create and deploy winning automated business processes:

  • Offer an ALEXA enabled Bot with FAQ integration and sentiment analysis that senses frustration and proactively escalates to a human agent.
  • Automatically create incidents based on customer tone
  • Capture 5 stars by automatically surveying your audience when they are happy
  • Diagnose product defects based on an image using Facebook messenger

With BlueLeap, your team can manage all components of the business with one simple and easy to use platform.

Make the leap, with BlueLeap!

BlueLeap integration setup for Zendesk is available for all admins and any user who has install access:

  • Login to the app at https://app.blueleap.com/ (if you don't have an account yet please register first at https://www.blueleap.com/)

  • Navigate to the Manage Integration screen (which is the default when you log in)

  • Click on the Zendesk icon in the CRM section in the inventory and enter your Zendesk Credentials: Username, Api Key, Zendesk URL on the details panel, then press Submit to store them

  • To use channels like Messenger, click on the messenger icon in the Channels section and click Continue with Facebook on the details panel to add a subscribed page, then follow the prompts

You now have all the details in the system to use BlueLeap!

You can create an interaction by double clicking the Messenger icon, then the Zendesk icon to add them to the interaction board, give the board a name, click Save, then activate your board by clicking Activate to finish installation

Any questions regarding the integration setup please reach out to knowmore@blueleap.com

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