GDPR Compliance

Application allows to easily process the user’s request about their data.

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GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance is an application for Zendesk Support which allows to quickly and easily process the user's request about their data. Specifically, the app can: * Anonymize user’s data to remove personal data and keeping the information that’s essential to the business * Download all personal and ticket data into a CSV file upon the user’s of the customer * Permanently and completely delete customer data from your Zendesk Support account * Redact the information in bulk or individually

GDPR Compliance for Zendesk

GDPR Compliance for Zendesk According to the General Data Protection Regulation, every EU citizen has the right to request to download or delete their data. GDPR Compliance was made to help you process these requests, eliminating manual work. Here’s a breakdown of how our application can be useful:

Keep the essential data without violating GDPR

To provide personal data to end-users, you no longer have to manually copy or export the information. With GDPR Compliance, you can download the information about the user and the tickets they raised. Eventually, you will have all the data neatly formatted into a CSV file.

Easily download user and ticket data related to the specific customer

Chose the criteria to filter the customer database and add contacts to your list. You can specify one or several criteria to form the list.

Permanently remove the end-user from the system

Manually deleting the user and their data from Zendesk takes some time and effort. GDPR Compliance makes it ridiculously simple. In just a couple of clicks, remove all user and ticket information forever! Every bit of personal data will be taken care of.

Edit the users individually or in groups

How can you quickly remove the data for say 30 users? Easy. Just create a list in GDPR Compliance and initiate the process. The app will do the rest of the job. Lists can be created based on a large number of criteria giving you more flexibility.

Note that user lists update as you use Zendesk

For instance, if you create a list filtering users by a certain tag, it may change when new users are added to this specific tag. Therefore, carefully check the list before carrying out any actions. Once you delete or anonymize any data, the action cannot be undone. Start Free Trial

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