Respond faster and increase first call resolution rate by 34% with Guru's Knowledge Empowerment Network!

Guru Knowledge Empowerment Network - Guru is an integrated knowledge management solution that unifies your organization’s collective knowledge, verifies its accuracy and empowers your revenue teams (support, sales and success) to confidently and more quickly respond to questions, accelerate first call resolution rates and decrease handle times. Guru’s AI powered integration and browser extension brings your agents the knowledge they need, coaching them in real-time within the Zendesk Suite - Support, Chat, Guide + Voice. The more you use Guru, the smarter it gets.

Unify Zendesk Guide within Guru’s knowledge network, establishing a single source of truth across all knowledge sources, documents, and teams. Search or suggest real-time knowledge, within all of your enterprise applications. With built-in Q&A functionality, Guru also suggests the appropriate subject matter expert to answer your questions, based on the context of the question.

Your agents will love how quickly they can get up to speed and be prepared for every call with consistent, accurate and easily accessible information. With Guru, the knowledge you need to do your job finds you - when and where you need it most.

To empower your agents with one-click access to your trouble-shooting guides, FAQs, internal processes & escalation procedures, simply click on the "Set Up" icon and and then "Sign Up"!

Once you’ve accessed Guru’s Web App and installed our Extension on your preferred web browser, we can:

  1. Automatically populate our recommended internal knowledge base framework
  2. Synch your external KB into Guru to unify all of your knowledge needs ]n3. Migrate content from your pre-existing Wiki, Google Sites, and/or other internal knowledge repository into Guru
  3. Provide instructions in how to integrate your Guru internal knowledge network to your Zendesk search, tickets, tags, etc. via Guru Context!

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