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Submit tickets to Zendesk from community discussions

Higher Logic is an industry leader in cloud-based community platforms, with over 25 million engaged members in more than 200,000 communities. Organizations worldwide use Higher Logic to bring like-minded people all together, by giving their community a home where they can meet, share ideas, answer questions and stay connected. Higher Logic aims to empower engagement, collaboration and community evolution, which we believe are the fundamental elements to the long-term relevance of any organization. By fostering community growth, you can open up a world of possibility. Tap into the power your community can generate for you.

With the integration to Zendesk, discussion threads in a Higher Logic Community can be submitted as a ticket to Zendesk though the click of a button. When customers are discussing an issue that does not get resolved in the community, a ticket can be created so that a Customer Service Representative (CSR) can examine the issues. When the Zendesk ticket is created, the whole thread is put into the ticket so the CSR has all the relevant information from the discussion. Furthermore, if the discussion continues after the ticket has been submitted, subsequent messages can be added to the existing ticket with the click of a button.

The Higher Logic-Zendesk Integration works with your existing Zendesk ticketing platform and your Higher Logic Community. There are several steps to setting up this integration.

Zendesk API Access

The Higher Logic-Zendesk Integration uses Zendesk REST API tokens to access the Zendesk ticketing platform. You will need to supply Higher Logic with three pieces of information to access Zendesk:

  1. The URL for access to you Zendesk API
  2. The user that will be used for the integration to access your Zendesk ticketing platform
  3. An Active API token

The Zendesk API Token is generated in Zendesk under Settings, API, Token Access. Make sure it is Enabled and click the add new token link to generate a token for the integration to use.

This information is used by Higher Logic to configure your community to create tickets.

Community Setup

Within your Higher Logic community there are several steps to enable a tickets to be created from discussion threads.

Community Types. Each community type that you want to allow tickets to be created from must first have this feature enabled. In CCAdmin, under Community Types, under each community type that you want to enable ticket submissions, scroll down to the Features section and set Support Tickets can be created from this community to On.

Community Settings. Next, each community of that type you wish to allow tickets from needs to be configured. Go to each community and under the community settings, check Allow members of this community to create support tickets from discussion threads.

Support Control. Finally, on the community discussion thread, make sure there is a control for the support system request. This is User Control with a path of eg:SupportSystemRequest. You will need to set the SendToZendesk="True". Optionally, you may set the some of the texts used by the control; for example the text on the button to submit a ticket can be changed using the MakeTicketButtonText parameter.

You may also set security on this control to allow only particular security groups permission to see the button to submit tickets to Zendesk. This will probably be Site Administrators or a staff related security group.

Once the Zendesk connectivity has been added by Higher Logic to your community and the communities have been configured, users should be able to submit discussion threads as Zendesk tickets.

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