Cloud based WebRTC Video/Voice call for Zendesk

Available only to agents with “Talk - Partner Edition” seats (see zendesk.com/talk/pricinghttp://zendesk.com/talk/pricing ).

JawaraCX provides integration cloud based webRTC media server and your Zendesk Support account.

JawaraCX will automatically lookup contact details of the caller in Zendesk using the customer ID/ Account/ email. Once a match is found, the caller's profile will be screen popped for the Agent answering the call/Video Call.

using JawaraCX will reduce cost since just use existing internet bandwith to serve your customer via Video/Voice call

  1. Send your Zendesk URL to support@jawaratecnology.com
  2. Our team will configure your webRTC server on our Media Server & integrate with your Zendesk account.
  3. Once this configuration is complete, the integration should be ready to use.

App Details

  • Author: Hendrig Rumianto
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
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