Unite your support and engineering teams


With Zendesk Support for JIRA, your support and engineering teams will always be on the same page whenever a development issue arises. Easily escalate and link Zendesk Support tickets to a JIRA issue so critical info is shared and collaboration is effortless.

Ensure no bugs are left behind

Support teams can easily escalate and link Zendesk Support tickets to JIRA issues. Notify engineering of bugs that are impeding your customers’ experience and get updates on the issue’s resolution -— all from within your Zendesk Support account.

A holistic view from support to engineering

In JIRA, engineers will have a complete view of customer conversations related to an issue. They can collaborate with your support team to resolve issues -— without having to leave JIRA.

Complete control of data sharing

Customize the Zendesk Support for JIRA to fit your teams’ workflows. You can choose the JIRA info you want to show in your Zendesk Support account and you can share tags from Zendesk Support to JIRA too.

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The JIRA integration makes it easier for support and engineering teams to collaborate.

Support Versions

This version supports Atlassian JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server 7.0 and above.

Getting Started

This App will be automatically installed and configured when installing the Zendesk Support add-on on JIRA. You are not required to manually install it.

You must have administrator permissions in both JIRA and Zendesk Support to set up the integration. When using JIRA Server, we recommend creating a dedicated user for the integration. The complete installation instructions can be found in here.

  1. In JIRA, select Add-ons from the Administration menu in the upper-right corner of the page.
  2. Search for the add-on 'Zendesk for JIRA' in the Atlassian Marketplace, then click Install on the right side.
  3. After installing the add-on, return to the Administration page and select Add-ons > Manage add-ons > Zendesk for JIRA.
  4. Click Configure, enter your Zendesk Support subdomain, and click Authenticate with Zendesk.
  5. Select the ticket details that you want to display in linked JIRA issues.
  6. Click Complete Set-up and Install App. After confirming that you want to proceed with the installation, the add-on installs an app in Zendesk to support the integration.

That's it. Your teams can start collaborating using Zendesk Support and JIRA. To find out how, see Using the JIRA integration. For complete installation instructions, see Setting up Zendesk Support for JIRA integration.

App Details

  • Author: Zendesk
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:4.0.6
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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