Macro Assistant

Macro Assistant

More time for human responses. Less time for errors.


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More time for human responses. Less time for errors.

Overview of possibilities with Macro Assistant

With this app you give your agents the gift of time. Create sample macro's and let agents select values, instead of manually searching for words they need to replace. Simply by navigating them through a wizard form.

Support different types of fields

Support multiple types of fields.

  • Single line textfield
  • Multi line textfield
  • Datepicker
  • Dropdown / Select
  • Number
  • Synced fields (type once, display multiple places)
  • One time secret (burner note)

Easy to use macro creator for admins. Simply create all the fields you need, with a wizard like configurator.

Textfields (single line) Single line text field. Let the agent decide what text needs to go on a certain place.

Textarea (multi line) Multi line text field. Give the agent to add a paragraph of text anywhere inside a macro.

Datepicker Select a date, and format it any way you want.

Dropdown / Select Select a value, and give your agents the freedom and security of making less mistakes.

Number Single line text field, but only numbers and decimals are allowed.

Synced / Mirror Fields Sync values of a field on multiple places in the macro. The agent only has to select a value once, and you're able to show it on multiple places, optional with different formatting.

One time secret (burner note) A one time secret field is a burner note, that uses the wonderful service at A burner note is a note that is saved at an encrypted place, that can only be viewed once and within a certain time frame before it's deleted.

View out examples here.

Other examples

We offer sample macro's for

  • E-commerce
  • Retail
  • Leisure
  • IT
  • Travel

Check out all our examples here.

Ideal for organizations that need to be more efficient with Macro's

More time for human responses
. Less time for errors.

Built by Sparkly. 14 day free trial included. Free for sandbox accounts. Sparkly, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Check out our website too

To activate your 14 day free trial, install the app and enter your payment information. We won't charge your card until the end of your trial.

Zendesk Support Macro Assistant Instructions

  1. Install the app
  2. Start adding the fields to your macro's
  3. Voila, your agents can go home early ;-)

Macro Assistant Shortcode Options

Using shortcodes

Shortcodes are used to replace the values whenever an agent selects or creates a value.



```Input (text): [type="text" label="Enter your text" placeholder="Placeholder..." default="Some default text 1"]

Textarea (multiline/textarea): [type="multiline" label="Enter your text" placeholder="Placeholder..." default="Some default text at line 1 Line 2 Line 3"]

Dropdown (dropdown/select): [type="dropdown" options="red,blue,green" label="Selected a color" placeholder="Select a color..." default="blue"]

Date (date): [type="date" label="Select a date"]

Number (number): [type="number"]

One time secret (burner note): [type="ots" ttl="3600" passphrase="open sesame" default="top secret note"] ```

Our Help Center contains an extensive list of all possibilities and examples with this app.


``` Date (default): [type="date" label="Select a date" default="2019-07-28"]

Date (format): [type="date" label="Select a date" default="2019-07-29" format="d-M-y"]

Date (min/max): [type="date" label="Select a date" default="2019-07-24" format="PPPP" min="2019-07-20" max="2019-07-28"]

Date (relative day[s]/week[s]/month[s]/year[s]): [type="date" label="Select a date" default="+1 weeks" min="-3 days" max="+1 month"] [type="date" label="Select a date" default="+100 years"]

Locales Default: [type="date" label="Select a date" sync="true" group="dates"]

English (Canadian): [type="mirror" locale="en-CA" group="dates"]

Estonian: [type="mirror" locale="et" group="dates"]

Icelandic: [type="mirror" locale="is" group="dates"]

Lithuanian: [type="mirror" locale="lt" group="dates"]

Latvian: [type="mirror" locale="lv" group="dates"]

Persian/Farsi: [type="mirror" locale="fa" group="dates"]

Portuguese: [type="mirror" locale="pt" group="dates"]

Slovak: [type="mirror" locale="sk" group="dates"]

Dutch: [type="mirror" locale="nl" group="dates"]

French: [type="mirror" locale="fr" group="dates"]

German: [type="mirror" locale="de" group="dates"] ```

Sync field

``` Sync: [type="text" label="This will change all the others" placeholder="Placeholder..." default="Text" sync="true" group="text"] [type="text" label="This will change all the others" placeholder="Placeholder..." sync="true" group="text"] [type="text" label="This one won't change the others" placeholder="Placeholder..." default="Different Text" group="text"]

Mirror: [type="dropdown" options="red,blue,green" label="Selected a color" placeholder="Select a color..." default="blue" sync="true" group="color"] [type="mirror" group="color"]

Mirror (date): [type="date" label="Select a date" format="PPPP" sync="true" group="date" default="2019-07-28"] [type="mirror" group="date"] [type="mirror" format="PP" group="date"] ```

One time secret (burner note)

[type="ots" ttl="3600" passphrase="open sesame" default="top secret"]

Check out our Help Center for more examples.

App Details

  • Author: Sparkly
  • Price: Free 14-day trial, then $30.00 per account, per month
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.2
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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