Magento M1 Commerce - by Particular.

Magento M1 Commerce - by Particular.

agnoStack Omni-Channel Support


Particular. agnoStack™ Omni-Channel Commerce Support


This Magento M1 plugin, developed by Particular., makes it possible to view Order Information from your eCommerce Store directly within the interface of Zendesk Support.

With this Magento M1 integration for Zendesk, your agents will save time and clicks, as they won't have to constantly move back and forth between Zendesk and Magento.

``NOTE: This plugin replaces the previous Zendesk developed M1 plugin. It continues to leverage your existing/already installed Magento 1 Zendesk Extension.

If you do not have the existing Magento 1 Zendesk Extension in place, please contact us at``


To illustrate how the Magento M1 integration for Zendesk can help your agents achieve a more efficient workflow, we've made a list of the integration's core features below.

Customer order history

Allow agents to quickly view customer order history based on the User or Ticket Requester's email address.

Order basic/details

Get a basic overview of order including the total as well as default shipping information for the Customer's account (and details of the order line items - paid feature).

Order search/filter/sort (paid feature)

Your agents will have the ability to do incredibly fast, real-time searching, sorting and filtering of order history to rapidly locate the specific order a Customer need support with.

Pin ticket order (paid feature)

Your agents will be save/pin an Order to a submitted Ticket to ensure as it moved between agents or is re-opened that the order details are quickly available.

Customer search (paid feature)

Your agents will be search for Customers to look up Orders created by a Customer other than the one submitting the ticket.


Customers first - every time, all the time. If something is broken or you’re missing a feature or something could be improved (or if you're having any issues with installation), we’d love to hear from you! Contact us any time at

Note on future changes

We've got a long laundry list of features to come on our roadmap and look forward to continuing to improve your agent's omni-channel support experience as we grow!

agnoStack™ Support

Our overall agnoStack™ Omni-Channel Support plugin works not just with Magento but across a multitude of eCommerce platforms (Magento, Moltin, Shopify) providing rich support to improve agent efficiency and stay with you as your business grows providing additional functionality per platform.

We have several additional paid tiers of functionality (order status, shipping status, payment status, issue refunds, payment capture, rapid re-order, order on-behalf of/new order capture, and more) across other eCommerce platforms and look forward to continuing to bring more of those to the Magento ecosystem!

We also will continue to add additional eCommerce platforms (Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify, Adobe Magento 2, BigCommerce and more) to our solution in coming months...stay tuned!


Made by Particular. - Zendesk Solution Provider ( We’re a marketing agency and technology services provider and beyond creating apps for Zendesk Marketplace, we also help companies implement and optimize Zendesk and Magento (as well as many other platforms). Feel free to contact us at to discuss anything you need help with.

If you have an existing Zendesk field used to store Order IDs, please enter it in the Order ID Field (not required).

Once you install the base application, open any ticket where you will then go through several screens to complete and activate your Configuration.

You will first select your platform Providers (Magento, Moltin, Shopify, etc.) and will be prompted to enter corresponding configuration fields required for each platform.

After entering your Provider data, you will be able to select your Subscription Tier. As an Administrator, you can upgrade/downgrade your tier any time.

You'll get a confirmation screen before you Activate and then should be all set (please note, activation can take a few moments)!

NOTE: This plugin requires an existing installation of Zendesk's M1 Magento Extension.

If you do not have the existing Extension or have any issues/questions, please contact us at

App Details

  • Author: Particular.
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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