Miuros Review

Miuros Review

An all-in-one quality control and feedback loop solution


Miuros Review is an all-in-one quality assurance platform that allows you to review and evaluate any interactions that your team has with customers to build better customer experiences.

How it works

Get rid of spreadsheets and Google forms forever and save valuable time:

  • Build your own custom audit forms across all communication channels for all teams, external or internal. Have the results centralised, giving you quick and easy access to findings.

  • Benchmark your teams and business process outsourcers. Let them compare themselves with one another in an anonymous way.

  • Never have to cherry-pick tickets to review again. Based on advanced filtering mechanisms, Miuros automatically picks and assigns tickets to evaluate, at your desired pace.

  • Support your team with notifications: Notify your reviewers when they’re assigned new reviews, when old ones are about to expire and let your agents know when their tickets get reviewed.

  • Empower your agents with Peer to Peer reviews and simple, easy-to-understand individual reports reflecting the quality of the work they deliver.

  • Ensure uniform assessment and evaluation criteria through imbedded calibration mechanisms.


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