Advanced SLA | OLA Management for Zendesk


Performset is an advanced SLA | OLA Management paid app and web service requiring onboarding consulting support from the Cloudset family of extension products for Zendesk.

Keep your promises with sophisticated and proactive SLA | OLA metrics and measurements.

Step outside of fitting into limited and fixed models and implement your SLA’s and OLA’s precisely as you need for your business. Key features include:

  • Standard and custom SLA metrics
  • Multiple work time schedules
  • Flexible triggering and satisfaction rules
  • Arbitrary starts and stops to support escalations
  • Flexible metrics clock pausing and solve continuation
  • Fuzzy end-of-next-day metrics

A unique SLA Assistant surfaces the metric target times, policy, and schedule making them highly visible. Together with operational progress reporting, it provides a full context to support proactive management.

Complete with a real-time SLA Dashboard. See the giant picture or just the right segmentation to make next-up or informed decisions.

Real-time notification for pre-breach and breach points down to a granularity of one minute. Never miss an opportunity to prevent an SLA violation.

The benefits of the Performset include:

  • Performance compliance
  • Where applicable save penalty costs for breaching SLA's
  • Improved decision making at a per ticket and aggregated viewpoint
  • Support a wide range of use of SLA | OLA policies
  • Seamlessly integrate into the Zendesk UX and UI

A Cloudset Framework account is created for all new customers, providing a hub for all Cloudset purchased apps, enabling access to Zendesk Guide integration services, and billing management.

Note: The Cloudset Framework, specifically the configuration tools, requires API access to your Zendesk via Zendesk’s secure OAuth mechanism. Revocable at any time.

The following guidelines are provided to help you proceed with the 30 Day FREE Trial and implementing this App:

Note: Installation on a Zendesk sandbox is very similar, although billing details will not be collected as the App is free of charge forever.

  • After initiating the Zendesk App Marketplace free trial, we recommend that you accept the native app configuration settings defaults. Use the Inline Manual provided with the Cloudset Framework to learn more about the settings available.
  • Select the app icon to give access to our embedded Cloudset Framework. This will start the Zendesk secure OAuth authentication request, based on the currently logged in admin user.
  • This authentication can be revoked at any time by that admin user who installed the app, by selecting the user account security tab. API access is needed to enable the configuration tool to read and write app configuration data to the app installed on Zendesk.
  • Once completed, a billing details screen will be presented to capture invoicing address details. Invoice history and records can be after that accessed and downloaded.
  • If Zendesk security Restricted IP has been set-up, details of can be obtained from the CloudSET Framework Zendesk(s) tab, together with Forget Token method to support changing admin user account.
  • Once the extended registration has been completed, you will be able to use the app configuration tool to get started.
  • You will have 30 days to evaluate the app. At any time during the trial, uninstall the app to cancel the trial. This will automatically ensure that your credit card won't be charged.
  • After 30 days you first payment in advance will be taken. This will automatically renewed every month until you uninstall the app.
  • The monthly invoice will be charged on the basis of how many agents you have and how the agent count profile changed.
  • For any issues or questions - raise a ticket with

Note: If other Cloudset apps are subsequently purchased, neither the OAuth Authentication, billing address details, nor Help Center integration steps are required as these a centrally managed with the one Cloudset Account which is automatically created on the first app purchase and install.

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