Planday Connector

Planday Connector

Seamless integration between Planday and Zendesk.

Planday Connector integrates seamlessly with Zendesk, allowing for a comprehensive agent tracking package.




  1. Agent 360°: Agent data resides both in Zendesk and Planday. With Agent 360° you have the ability to monitor, control and report on agent information and activity, while ensuring that agent data is synchronised between the two applications.

  2. Time Tracking: An accurate time tracking solution that automatically and in a non-obtrusive way, tracks all of the time agents spend in Zendesk, comparing the scheduled work against what was actually completed.

  3. Agent Activity and Insights: Managers have full visibility on their agents' actions and are able to compare time spent by their agents on Zendesk against their schedules and breaks allowance on Planday.


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Getting Started with Planday Connector


  Install App from Zendesk Marketplace & Complete Registration


  1. On the Planday Connector app page, click Install button in the upper-right corner.

  2. Open the app by clicking on the Planday logo in the navigation bar.

  3. Click Register.

  4. Upon registration, an Application ID and Application Secret will be sent to your registration email.


  Configure App in Zendesk


  1. Go to Apps > Manage and open the Planday Connector app

  2. Go to the App Configuration tab

  3. Input the Application ID and Application Secret

  4. Click on Save Settings


  Get Zendesk API Token


 1. In the Zendesk Admin Panel, go to** Channels > API**

 2. Click + to add an API Token

 3. Click Save


  Get Planday API Token


 1. Open your Planday portal

 2. Go to the Settings tabs

 3. Go to Integrations > API Access

 4. Click on Create App

 5. Configure the App with the required permissions and click Create

 6. This will generate an App ID and App Token


  Integration Setup


 1. Login to your Planday Connector instance here:

 2. Go to the Settings tab and click on Integration

 3. Input the email used to generate the Zendesk API token in the Zendesk Email field

 4. Input the Zendesk API Token

 5. Input the Planday App ID and App Token in the Client ID and Refresh Token fields respectively

 6. Click Save

 7. Select the Default Department. This department will be assumed for agents upon syncing.

 8. Click Save

App Details

  • Author: iMovo Ltd.
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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