Prodsight - Automated Topic & Sentiment Analytics

Prodsight - Automated Topic & Sentiment Analytics

Automatically track customer issues and sentiment in your tickets

As your Zendesk support ticket volume grows, it becomes hard to stay on top of customer issues and requests.

The Prodsight app makes this easy by automatically analyzing your tickets for topics and sentiment and producing a continuously updated report on the most common user issues.

As a Customer Support Manager, you can use the Prodsight app to stay on top of customer issues and reduce support ticket volumes by writing well-informed help articles.

As a Product Manager, you can use the Prodsight app to identify feature requests and usability issues. This would help you prioritize product roadmaps, keep you grounded in customer feedback and get buy-in from your teammates.

To find out what user issues Prodsight will unearth for you, start a free trial.

Connecting Prodsight with Zendesk is straightforward. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a free trial on the Prodsight website
  2. On Prodsight, click Connect Data Source and then Connect with Zendesk
  3. Enter your Zendesk subdomain (only the highlighted bit, e.g. and click Next
  4. Enter your Zendesk account email and password and click Next
  5. Authorize Prodsight to read your tickets.

That's it - the analysis of your tickets will start right away.

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