Read Receipts

Read Receipts

Know when Zendesk Support emails to customers are opened

See how long it took before the email was viewed, when it was sent, when the email was opened and what comment was read.

  • Increase sales, cut ticket resolution times and increase NPS scores
  • Increase agent productivity by showing them only tickets that have not been read and require a follow up email
  • Add a Read column to views to show if a your reply has been opened
  • Quickly identify what comments have been read with our exclusive Agent Assignment and Comment Summary features
  • Create Zendesk Automations to either send a reminder email for unread tickets or a follow up email to decrease solve times on read tickets

Agent Assignment

Read items are marked by the sending agent or by the most recent agent for Automation notifications. This allows your agents to quickly identify each of their own read receipts and not waste time seeing which comment was read. (Exclusive)

Comment Summary

The read receipt includes a summary of the comment that was sent, to quickly identify exactly which email your customer read. (Exclusive)


Our read receipts work with both triggers and automations. When you send an automated email and it is read, we will display the automation name in the comment summary. (Exclusive)

Custom Views

Quickly create views, within your Zendesk account, to see which tickets have not been read based on adding DeskPerk tags to your tickets.

Meta Data

Would you like to know what device, computer or browser your user is using? You can optionally also include to display this data within the Read Receipt.

Block / Allow Lists

We automatically black list agents using the Zendesk website from marking comments as read. You can also black list IPs for staff that do not use the Zendesk website within your company manually to prevent unwanted reads as well. We also allow you to white list IPs for situations where you have agents onsite.

About DeskPerk

DeskPerk allows you to quickly add on services that are unavailable within Zendesk. Founded in 2018, we have over 100 help desks taking advantage of our services. We currently offer the following services for Zendesk:

If you have any questions, please visit our website:

With DeskPerk Read Receipts, there’s nothing to download or install. To start using our Read Receipts within your Zendesk Support account visit and sign up for a free trial (no credit card required).

Next, login to your DeskPerk account and click on the Zendesk button under the Add New Help Desk section, to securely connect to your Zendesk Support account. Once you have added your help desk, please follow the simple instructions to add your Read Receipt code to your Zendesk Support emails. The whole process only takes a few minutes.

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