TechSee Intelligent Visual Assistance

TechSee Intelligent Visual Assistance

AI & AR powered Intelligent Visual Customer Engagement Solution

TechSee Intelligent Visual Assistance App allows Zendesk agents to instantly invite customers to share live video stream or photo's of their issue via their mobile phone (no app download is required).

Once the app is installed, the functionality buttons becomes available on the ticket form on the right hand side.

Install Techsee App now to improve Zendesk Agents experience and your organization’s KPIs.

Step 1

Install Techsee App

Step 2 (required)

Provide your Techsee Account subdomain in Techsee account subdomain setting.

Step 3 (optional)

You can define specific behaviour and look and feel for the buttons by changing Advanced JSON configuration setting.

This setting is JSON array of objects. Where each object defines the buttons visible inside the App. Below is the structure of each object.

Object structure

  • button_title - mandatory/string/support placeholders text inside the button
  • button_description - optional/string/support placeholders tooltip text to describe the button function
  • button_url - mandatory/string/support placeholders absolute URL to be called when button is pressed
  • button_inline_styles - optional/string/no placeholders inline CSS styles for the button
  • can_be_pressed_once - optional/boolean/no placeholders if true button will be blocked after it was pressed
  • when_pressed_open_in_popup_window - optional/boolean/no placeholders if true button will open popup window. Otherwise, new browser tab.
  • when_pressed_update_ticket - optional/serialized JSON/support placeholders this JSON will be used as a value for {"ticket": { when_pressed_update_ticket }} payload in update_many.json PUT request

Supported placeholders

button_title, button_description, button_url and when_pressed_update_ticket attributes supports {{placeholders}}. Below is the list of key placeholders:

  • {{currentAccount.planName}}
  • {{currentAccount.subdomain}}
  • {{currentUser.alias}}
  • {{}}
  • {{}}
  • {{}}
  • {{currentUser.role}}
  • {{}}
  • {{}}
  • {{}}
  • {{}}
  • {{ticket.assignee.user.role}}
  • {{}}
  • {{}}
  • {{ticket.brand.subdomain}}
  • {{ticket.createdAt}}
  • {{ticket.description}}
  • {{}}
  • {{ticket.priority}}
  • {{ticket.status}}
  • {{ticket.subject}}
  • {{ticket.type}}
  • {{}}
  • {{}}
  • {{}}
  • {{}} - Verified primary phone number with +
  • {{ticket.requester.phone_formatted}} - Verified primary phone number without +
  • {{ticket.requester.role}}
  • {{custom_field_NNNNNN}} - Custom ticket field. Where NNNNNN is numeric ticket field ID
  • {{settings.subdomain}} - App setting for subdomain
  • {{settings.title}} - App title


  • https://{{settings.subdomain}} /history?customerId={{}}
  • Visual assistance for {{custom_field_123456789}}

Step 4 (required)

Save App configuration. Complete installation. Refresh browser page. Enjoy.

App Details

  • Author: Techsee Support
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0.9
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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