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Get your Telavox calls into Zendesk. Streamline your work environment and switch less between applications.

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Available only to agents with "Talk - Partner Edition" seats (see

Telavox develops world-leading communications platforms with solutions for smart and efficient telephony, PBX, chat and much more. Regardless of whether it involves an entrepreneur-driven startup or a giant among giants, Telavox contributes to making companies more transparent, efficient and accessible.

Telavox has everything you need to communicate and collaborate simply with customers and colleagues – it’s your corporate telephony, PBX, video and chat combined in one cloud-based solution.

Boost your workforce with Telavox in Zendesk. The Telavox caller app allows you to see who is calling, hang up calls, create a new Ticket for the incoming caller, or navigate to the incoming callers related tickets.

With Telavox for Zendesk - it generates more satisfied customers and increases business opportunities by providing agents with smart features. See incoming calls and react accordingly. The call history helps navigating to Contacts and placing calls at the click of a button.

React to incoming calls - caller information instantly available in Zendesk, with information on past interactions and the ability to create new items so that you are prepared when picking up the call.

Initiate a call and utilise the Telavox softphone. Start calling and adding call details right away without switching applications. Call history at the click of a button. Previous outgoing, incoming and missed calls are listed and fully interactive.

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