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Knots OCR text recognition app finds and extracts text from PDF and image files

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Knots Optical character recognition for PDF and images

Convert your PDF or image file into a ticket comment. Optical character recognition automatically scans even handwritten text from Zendesk ticket attachments directly on ticket creation without delay. The text will then be stored as an internal comment on the ticket.

Supported file extensions: PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, HEIC

How OCR extractor works

  1. New incoming customer support ticket with attachment via Email or any other channel like chat, social media, or ticket form
  2. Knots middleware searches immediately for the text in the attached files with OCR
  3. The ticket is updated in the background via API and the extracted text is stored as an internal comment on the ticket
  4. Text is searchable on Zendesk
  5. Optionally a tag is set on the ticket if a text was read. This enables further automation via additional triggers
  6. If needed, you can also extract some text patterns with the Ticket parser to extract IDs, dates, or Email addresses.

Watch this short video VIDEO to see the mechanism at work.

App inquiries

Contact us if you have any questions, comments, or feature requests regarding this app.

About Knots

Knots offers you ready-to-go event-driven automation modules for Zendesk like

  • Ticket parser via Regular Expressions
  • NLP Ticket classification for contact reasons
  • OCR text recognition from PDFs
  • Webhook based telephony integration
  • GDPR anonymization by keeping reporting data
  • Send ticket data to backend systems with an authentication layer e.g. OAuth2
  • Retrieve data from backend systems via API and store
  • etc.


Mail: zendesk@knots.io | Web: knots.io

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