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New year, new Zendesk integrations

By Eric Shen

Last updated January 27, 2017

It’s a new year and we’ve got some new resolutions: More Zendesk integrations. This month we’ve added 9 new apps and integrations to the Zendesk Apps Marketplace. A mixture of powerful and playful, these tools can help you foster better customer relationships and inspire employees to have fun while working hard.

Firmafon is an easy-to-use cloud-based phone system, with all the pro features necessary to run your business. With the Firmafon app for Zendesk, you automatically get all the most important call information directly in your Zendesk account. You can see detailed information about the caller like how many previous tickets they’ve opened, call recording information, call duration, and how long the customer had to wait. You can even create new tickets when an inbound call is answered.

Spinify Integration Tool
Spinify is a business tool that helps increase team engagement, productivity, and revenue by gamifying Zendesk activities. Spinify takes your Zendesk ticket activities and turns them into a game that is available on mobile devices. Team members compete to complete their target activities and progress in the game is achieved by updates to metric activities in real time. Help motivate your staff to complete their activities in a fun way that doesn’t feel like work.

The Sailthru Zendesk app is Sailthru’s official integration for Zendesk. The app is designed to provide valuable and actionable data like list membership, opt out status, data on customer behavior, and more to help support agents when working with customers. The app also synchronizes profile data between Sailthru and Zendesk and vice versa. This allows support agents to interact with customers’ Sailthru profiles, while also allowing marketers to act on their statuses in Zendesk.

CloudSET Tailoring
CloudSET Tailoring supports a range of modifications that fundamentally extends or restricts core ticketing and user/orgs functionality at the global level. It provides a foundation layer on top of Zendesk’s native base for the other CloudSET Apps, or alone in it’s own right. You can easily replace Zendesk system fields with their own custom equivalents (while preserving reporting capabilities), hide custom fields, and define more complex custom roles, and more with this powerful app.

Wildix for Zendesk provides enterprise grade call center functionalities for Zendesk. You can make and receive calls from the browser, Wildix hardware phones, or mobile app. You can also enable click-to-dial and record call, as well as gain direct access to call controls from within Zendesk’s like hold, and warm and blind transfers to Zendesk agents and Wildix users.

JustCall is a VOIP phone system made for your business. Get a local or toll-free phone number in any of the 58 countries supports and start making and receiving both calls and SMS directly from your Zendesk account. Zendesk tickets are created for any call answered or placed, so you can quickly and easily take down your customer issues with no delay. helps connect your Linnworks Order Management System to Zendesk. Help ease the pain of common tasks for your agents such as finding orders, tracking parcels, and processing refunds. provides your customers’ order history directly in Zendesk Support as a sidebar app with added features such as tracking updates amd marketplace links. You can also click through to the main site and view full order details and customer notes, an instant search tool, mobile friendly sales dashboard, and more.

Metorik is an all-in-one analytics solution for WooCommerce stores, unifying your store’s orders, customers, and products through brilliant reports and a blazing fast interface. Metorik offers a 2-way integration with Zendesk that’s included for free with your Metorik account. The Metorik app for Zendesk pulls in customer and guest data from Metorik into Zendesk so you can get a better understanding of the customer you’re talking to, including things like customer profile, lifetime value, average order amount, customer order history and more. You can also connect your Zendesk account in Metorik itself, which brings in related Zendesk tickets for a customer or order and lets you create new Zendesk tickets with a customer straight from Metorik.

Exotel Telephony App
The Exotel Telephony App is brought to us by the folks over at UMS Tech Labs and allows for you to connect your Exotel phone system to Zendesk to give you features like click to call and click to SMS. Exotel also gives you direct access to a customer’s call and SMS history while working on a Zendesk Support ticket.