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Offer instant, automated chat support 24/7, in 109 languages


Ultimate is the #1 virtual agent platform for high-volume customer support organizations that are serious about delighting their customers with automated chat support.

  • Scale your business and support capacity without scaling costs
  • Save your agents and customers time
  • Reduce operational costs by eliminating repetitive tasks

What makes Ultimate different from other bot and automation providers?

We’ve built a deep integration with Zendesk that allows you to:

  • Retain all of your conversation data in Zendesk, not a third-party app
  • Seamlessly escalate to human agents
  • Measure your bot's performance in Zendesk
  • Use Zendesk’s native chat widget

We integrate with your existing tech stack to:

  • Capture unique inputs like order numbers and tracking IDs
  • Provide your customers with real-time information from your data warehouse
  • Process API calls for workflows like returns and exchanges

We’ve been in the game for over 6 years:

  • As one of the original AI platforms, we're constantly adapting our in-house AI
  • Brands like Zendesk, Gorillas, and FINNAIR trust our AI models
  • Security is no joke to us - we’re GDPR and SOC2 type-2 compliant

Are you ready to invest in cost-saving technology that will delight your customers and agents?

Find out your automation potential by scheduling a free consultation with a Customer Support Automation Expert.

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