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Send notifications to your sales team.

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Message Board is an integration for Zendesk Sell. It lets team leads and admins notify users of significant events; this might be general information, or messages related to a specific lead, contact or deal.

This application is also available for Zendesk Support. Check it out here

Why Message Board

Sales people are often on the road visiting clients and prospects. After all, you want them to close new deals. But it’s not always easy to communicate with them, even though you sometimes need to share important information. Sending emails might not be as effective. So how do you reach out to them and ensure everyone receives the information?

Introducing Message Board

The Message Board integration allows you to send notifications to Zendesk Sell users in case of, for instance, price list updates, new procedure rollouts or notes on important deals. Integrated into your users' dashboard, it ensures they never miss a message. Message Board even gives you the ability to check who read the message.


For admins & team leads

Create your message and send it to your users in an instant:

  • Add a subject, a description, external links, or links to specific lead, contact or deal.
  • Publish your message immediately, or schedule it for later.

As an admin or team lead, you have an overview of all scheduled, sent, and read messages. You can delete any message and easily clear out archived messages.

For users

Users will receive a notification in the top bar in their Zendesk Sell environment, informing them on the new note. They can send read receipts for incoming messages and archive them.


This app requires you to enable Custom Objects in your Zendesk Sell environment. More information about this Zendesk feature can be found in this article.

Updates & support

Our apps are updated regularly to support new Zendesk Sell features and capabilities. Do you have any questions about this app? Feel free to contact us.

… Or contact us for a custom app

Need a custom app for your Zendesk Sell instance to meet a specific need? Sure thing! We can build one seamlessly fitting your wishes and requirements.

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