Pinnacle SMS & WhatsApp

Send Pinnacle messages from Zendesk Sell to Leads, Contacts & Deals

Pinnacle SMS & WhatsApp

Send messages from Zendesk Sell The extension allows you to send SMS and WhatsApp messages from the Contacts, Leads & Deals modules of Zendesk Sell. Within any particular Contact, Lead or Deal, click on 'Send Pinnacle Message' under Pinnace SMS & WhatsApp. Select your Pinnacle Sender and contact phone field. Enter your message or insert templates and send the message. You can also insert emojis into the message.

Initiate Pinnacle conversations Click on the Pinnacle icon in the panel on the top-bar. Here you can send bulk messages and initiate conversations through Pinnacle. Select your Pinnacle sender and click on 'Add Recipients' where you can add the phone numbers to which which the messages are to be sent. Insert your Pinnacle template or enter the message to be sent.

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