Ultra-efficient predictive dialer for your outbound campaigns

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With Dialfire, your telemarketing campaigns can reach three to four times as many leads.

Do you run extensive phone campaigns with many outbound calls? Do you want to contact significantly more leads than before, perfectly organized with meaningful reporting? Then Dialfire is for you.

Effortlessly accelerate your campaign with Dialfire's predictive dialer, whether you have 1 or 1000 people working on it. Of course, you will still have the option of preview dialing for your most precious leads that require individual call preparation.

With just a few clicks, you will convert Zendesk Sell pipeline stages into a Dialfire campaign, ready to go.

Easily triple the number of leads you reach:

  • Systematic processing of leads you want called

  • Automated instead of manual dialing, powered by machine learning techniques

  • Less time-consuming routine work for your team

  • Work your lead list with multiple teams

  • Secure campaign outsourcing to external call centers

Dialfire supports any kind of campaign:

  • Pre-configured campaign templates for common campaign types like

  • sales campaign

  • appointment scheduling, including route optimization

  • surveys

  • Call script integration

  • Freely customizable form and data fields, including dynamic scripting and API integrations

No manual data handling:

  • Automatically synchronizes data both ways between Zendesk Sell pipeline stages and Dialfire campaigns

Dialfire creates transparency: Closely monitor all relevant campaign performance parameters and track how effective and profitable your campaign is:

  • Pre-configured and fully customizable reports

  • Real-time report updates

  • Work time tracking

  • On-demand and automatic call recording

  • Live call monitoring and call barging

  • (New!) call analyzer transcribes call recordings and allows ad-hoc searching or background tagging of phrases

Fully cloud based:

All data is securely stored and replicated across multiple cloud data centers. You can count on the outstanding availability and reliability of Dialfire even in the unlikely event of regional data center outages.

Ready to call.

  • No need to install separate applications or browser extensions

    • Make calls to destinations all over the world right away using our phone carrier connections
    • Alternatively bring your own SIP trunk from your preferred telephony provider
  • Configure your existing phone numbers for use in both outgoing and incoming calls

    • Easily acquire new phone numbers from around the world through the interface

Fair and transparent pricing:

With Dialfire you don't have to worry about license fees. You only pay for what you use.

  • pay per use, based on your call minutes
  • no monthly user fees, unlimited seats and users
  • no set up fees, no commitments, no minimum spendings

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