Uncover hidden insights from your Zendesk customer service data


How insightful are your customer service metrics?

Surveypal Insights is the pocket-sized data analyst for high-volume customer service teams. Start leading your customer service with actionable insights.

Designed with Customer Service Directors and Team Leaders to combine performance, quality and value in an easy-to-use package.

Join the Zendesk customer service forerunners by making proactive decisions that drive the bottom line

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Transform your customer service from a cost center to a profit center by:

  • React quickly to changes in your performance KPIs and keep service costs down. Answer tough questions quickly, make better decisions and improve your service processes.

  • Free up hours per week by automating your insights.

  • Get actionable insights from your Zendesk data as they happen and act proactively.

  • Discover root causes behind service contacts and deflect future tickets to deliver exceptional service.

  • Present the ROI of your CX and show why your team makes the biggest CX impact.

What you get with Surveypal Insights for Zendesk:

  • Actionable insights for all your KPIs

  • Root cause analysis in 10 seconds

  • See the monetary value of your actions

  • Team & agent level insights for training

  • Agent attrition insights

  • Find the sweet spot for performance, quality and value

  • Turn customer voice into improvements

Start improve your customer service with an easy connection to your Zendesk customer service platform. Take your customer service analytics to the next level and request a free trial at today!

Do you have complex or challenging insights needs? We got you covered – with years of experience and expertise we can help you find a solution that works best for you.

Our support team is always there to help by email, phone, or chat.

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